Monday, November 23, 2009

Jean-Marc Laroche

Jean-Marc Laroche is a sculptor living near Paris. His influences include movies and comics. He has been creating sculptures professionally for over 20 years. His exhibit at the International Fantastic Film Festival helped to catapult his success. He is most famous for his Art Knives, selling them at American and European Knife Shows. After 12 years he wanted to change directions and make larger works. Today he is focusing on statues and would like to be represented by a Gallery in the US.

Title : Byakhee Knife
Inspired from HP a Lovecraft Story
Lenght : 17 inches
Media : Resin, Damascus Steel, Bronze

Title : Shaman
Dimensions : 23 X 23 X 39 inches
Media : Mixed

Title : Ecorché Mecanique
Height : 44 inches
Media : Resin and Steel

Title : Mecanic Book
13 X 12 inches
Media : Silver on Resin

Title : Spider Lamp
32 X 32 inches
media : Blowed Glass, Bones, Steel, Stones, Resin

Title : Reliquary Head
Height : 17 inches
Media: Bronze, Silver, Natural Quartz Cristal

Title : Venus
Height: 71 inches on stand
Media : Silver plated bronze
Jean-Marc Laroche   

images and content © Jean-Marc Laroche

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  1. Jean-Marc, Your work is totally unreal! I cannot imagine what goes into making such sleek crafted sculptures. I hope to see these in person one day! Wonderful work!!!