Monday, November 30, 2009

Revital Falke

Meet Revital Falke, a 3D artist in Israel working mainly in plasticine and modeling clay. She is famous for sculpting the cast of the TV drama Lost and taking them to the beach to photograph them in Tel Aviv with two friends. Read the full story here.

How did you start working dimensionally?
I was actually always into modeling clay. When I studied at the best known art & design academy in Israel, Bezalel, the illustration teacher told me to forget about plasticine (modeling clay) - he said it's childish, cheap material, "not serious" - so I left it till I finished studying, when I could finally do whatever I want - and it was great! I enjoyed the freedom to work with it, and started sculpturing everything I saw..

I started creating modeling clay figurines of friends, and everyone was curious to see what would their "modeling clay version" look like.. so I started working with icons, characters that are all known, celebs - Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tarantino, and the best know project - the Lost TV show cast.. people were thrilled to see the known figures as modeling clay figurines, so I thought it can be a great weekly section in a magazine - the celebrity of the week - the modeling clay version..

Please describe your working process.
It starts with an idea and a sketch, and then I begin sculpting; a metal wire for the inner structure, then foil for the volume, and then the modeling clay I've mixed to the exact color I want. Then, the fun part begins and I start playing with positioning, backgrounds and angle to get one good shot that can be used as a illustration.

What do you enjoy the most / least about working dimensionally?
I think the options are endless, and mostly enjoy the playful aspect of my work - I can create some figurines and objects, take photos of them in so many ways, so many locations and even lightening style, and then exhibit them as sculpture art. The LOST project was first photographed on the beach, like the original location of the show, but later was presented in a wheelbarrow... and I can keep playing! nothing is taboo, and the photo has already been taken :)
See the full set of the Lost project photos here and also here!

Revital Falke
phone: 972-54-750-0432
images and content © Revital Falke


  1. Revital, I love the look and feel of your work... that handmade quality is so appealing. Love the Lost sculptures you made! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. thank you soooo much, Liz and Maor!
    Liz, it's extra fabulous to get this compliment from you :)